User Feedback


First of all, I want to thank the users “Frozo” and “NotUsed” for their valuable feedback. Here are some things I’m considering for an update:


  • Next update will have a direct menu toggle for audio feedback.
  • It is very hard to find the perfect balance between highly perceivable and annoying. I have tested many sounds but I’ll try to give more options for the user. I’d really appreciate if users could send me sound files of what they think is best.
  • The sound volume is also something that may vary according to user preference. I’ll definitely set the volume down but I’m also analyzing a volume slider implementation.
  • My thoughts were that the click is so quick that having a different sound for click and release would not make a big difference. But I’ll consider that. Maybe not for the next version.


  • Next update will also have a menu toggle for the visual feedback.
  • The inner circle is white to provide the best contrast with the black mouse pointer. Setting another color could make it very hard to see. Anyway, I’m also considering an option for that.


  • The main purpose is letting the user confirm what was recognized by the system. Most people won’t make a mistake between left and right mouse buttons, but that is not true if you consider the trackpad. A click somewhere around the bottom middle can be recognized as either left or right. Or, if tap-to-click is on, a single finger tap can be recognized as a two finger right click (or the other way around).
  • Control-click is internally seen by the OS as left-click (that is, control-left-click). That’s why it shows the left click color. Control-right-click is another event which shows the right color.
  • Not all applications (especially third-party) respect the control-click as right click. And there is no such enforcement on the OS. For example, click on the spotlight menubar icon. It’ll open. Now, right-click it. It does nothing. Finally, control-click it. What will it do? Act as a left-click (open).


By Mr. Milk

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